Nintendo Switch Xl: Created the World’s Largest Console!


YouTuber Chris Salomone released a video showing his latest creation, a Nintendo Switch XL … in extra large format, as you can guess from the name. Don’t believe it? Read on …

Chris’s idea is simple: through a lot of work, plywood and a 3D printer he has created a real structure that follows the design of Switch, inside which television is housed. The YouTuber boasts of ” having created the largest Switch in the world “, obviously the wrapper has no functionality if not merely aesthetic, certainly, it is, in any case, an interesting job, can’t you find?

The desire to create a Switch XL came to Chris after hearing the statements of Nintendo’s president, who denied rumors about the launch of Switch Mini and Switch PRO, but having no technical knowledge on the subject, the author has folded over a simple ” case ” modeled on the design of the console.