Path of Exile: The New Legion Expansion Will Soon Arrive on PS4

Path of Exile: The New Legion Expansion Will Soon Arrive on ps4

Grinding Gear Games has announced the arrival of a new expansion for Path of Exile, a hugely successful free to play a game that has recently come to PlayStation 4. The Legion expansion will arrive on June 10th bringing with it lots of news.

On the pages of the PlayStation Blog, the developers talk about the new additional content: ” Path of Exile Legion will offer a new, exciting twist to the basic gameplay of Path of Exile that will guarantee adrenaline and endless replay value. Exploring Wraeclast, you will discover monoliths in each area. When you mark a monolith, you will discover legions belonging to the Wraeclast story stuck in the middle of a battle.

If you cause damage to these enemies, you will awaken from their immobility, but be careful not to overdo it: when the effect of the monolith is exhausted, you will find yourself fighting against the warriors you have freed. But if you can sustain the fight, you will get rich rewards and power! Among other powerful new objects, each legion will drop fragments of its own faction that can be combined into emblems and used in a map to unlock the realm of eternal conflict. 

Legion will be “only the first of many expansions planned ” for Path of Exile, the download will be available from June 10th, further news on upcoming content has not been released.