PUBG Mobile: Collaboration With Godzilla King of Monsters Announced

PUBG Mobile: Collaboration With Godzilla King of Monsters Announced

After the zombie mode introduced with PUBG’s collaboration with Resident Evil 2, which brought in an increase in players up to 100,000 active monthly users, the developers of PUBG Mobile announced another partnership with another major franchise.

Tencent has indeed formalized a collaboration with Warner Bros. for a new Godzilla-themed event: King of Monsters. The company is alluding to the arrival of Godzilla in-game and players can expect some more clues about the event in the coming days.

Some users have already reported that they saw graffiti in Miramar depicting Godzilla and other monsters, and investigating these images were rewarded with silver fragments. Other players revealed that they saw Godzilla’s footprints at Erangele’s military base, while others listened to him during the night, while a shadow moved on the map.

In short, something big (it must be said) is moving into play. Godzilla: King of Monsters will be in theaters from May 31st, so it shouldn’t be long before the event is revealed. Will it be a new real mode, as already happened during the already mentioned collaboration with Resident Evil 2, but also in the Chinese New Year period? What do you hope for the future of the game?