Tickets for Quakecon Europe Are Now Available

Tickets for Quakecon Europe Are Now Available

Bethesda announces the availability of tickets for QuakeCon Europe, scheduled in London on July 27, with the possibility of trying out a DOOM Eternal preview for the first time outside the borders of the United States.

Join npoi in London on July 27th to try DOOM Eternal for the first time out of North America! 2019 is the year of DOOM! Join us in London, where you can try DOOM Eternal for the first time outside of “American soil. QuakeCon Europe represents the evolution of QuakeCon. On July 27th you will be able to try the latest Bethesda titles, attend interesting conferences, meet our team members and much more. “

You can buy QuakeCon Europe tickets on Eventbrite, where you can also confirm your participation in the event. Are you ready to celebrate 25 years of DOOM?

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