Windows: Microsoft Launches the Xbox Game Bar, Available Today

Windows: Microsoft Launches the Xbox Game Bar, Available Today

The integration between Xbox and PC services continues to improve thanks to the new Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10, which Microsoft launched today after a test period last month. It is an interface with different sections and widgets, to monitor CPU, GPU, and Ram usage, for example.

The Game Bar will support Spotify, to check the songs to “broadcast” during a game, and show the Xbox friends list, messages, and group search, as we had anticipated a few days ago, and the user can choose how many and which widgets to show on your bar, being the interface entirely customizable.

The Game Bar should work on most games, although according to Microsoft, the games based on the Vulkan API, must be started in window mode for the interface to work: “We are in the early stages of our journey, and the experience of the updated Xbox Game Bar is just the beginning. As always, your feedback is important to us and our partners to keep improving. ” stated the development team.

The new interface is available from today, a day after the last Windows 10 update. More information on future features will probably be revealed at E3 2019. What do you expect from the Xbox Game Bar?