Anthem Leaves the “TOP49” Chart of the Most Played Titles on Xbox One

Anthem Leaves the

Three months after the launch of Anthem, the controversial BioWare and Electronic Arts controversial blockbuster seems to have already disappeared from the list of the 49 most played titles by Xbox One users in the United States, the United Kingdom and most of the European videogame markets, including Italy.

As rightly pointed out by the colleagues of MP1ST, in fact, checking the ranking drawn up weekly by Microsoft to signal the most popular games among users of Xbox One and Xbox One X we note the surprising absence of Anthem.

To determine the collapse in the number of active players and the abandonment of the specialists of the sci-fi dimension of Bastion could contribute several factors, the last of which was highlighted by the ResetEra community reporting that the BioWare social channels do not share information about their project from almost a month, or more precisely four weeks. And this, despite the title is fully included in the category of games as services and that, as such, needs constant updates to retain their fans.

The mass abandonment by EA’s free-roaming action servers has even led Reddit users to declare Anthem’s death, thus sending an extremely provocative message to the BioWare authors to take action to keep the promises made during the development of the project and in the period immediately following its release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In many, for example, they wonder what happened to the endgame activities linked to the Cataclysm, which should have been launched just in these days. The media silence of BioWare, also because of this, has helped fuel the rumors suggest that the transformation of Anthem as a free to play.