Behind THQ on Epic Games Store: Metro Exodus Sells Well There Too

Behind THQ on Epic Games Store: Metro Exodus Sells Well There Too
Metro Exodus Cave 4K Watermark

Yesterday we reported to you some statements by Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic, who had preferred to gloss over (or hide behind a no-comment) on the results of Metro Exodus on Epic Games Store, thus avoiding revealing data.

According to what was stated by Wingefors, the vast majority of Metro: Exodus copies were sold on consoles, while for those sold on the Epic Games Store they had not wanted to unbalance, giving rise to some assumptions about the fact that, being the EPG game was made exclusive a few days after the launch, there was the discontent of the fans for the short notice with which the thing was communicated, even to those who maybe had already preordered it on other platforms.

Today came a sort of back-front from the CEO of THQ Nordic, who clarified his statements yesterday: “Epic Games Store has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales regarding both Metro Exodus and Satisfactory. EPG is, in fact, the leading digital platform in terms of earnings generated by sales for our group, in the month of March. “

Wingefors then continued: “What I said yesterday about the number of console sales related to the two combined platforms and the gains for both physical and digital copies, and this still represents the majority of the revenue generated by Metro Exodus.”

In short, somewhat conflicting statements, but which at least make it clear that the version of Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store is selling well, and has exceeded THQ Nordic’s expectations.