Dauntless: Guide to Weapons, Which Is the Best to Start?

Dauntless: Guide to Weapons, Which Is the Best to Start?

Finally Dauntless is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, presenting itself as a free-to-play co-op Action RPG inspired by Monster Hunter. In this mini-guide we will talk about the various types of weapons in the game, indicating the best ones to use at the beginning of the adventure.

There are six types of weapons that players can equip and master in Dauntless. Finding the weapon best suited to your style of play can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar enough with this kind of game. To help you make your choice, we have decided to describe all the types of weapons present in Dauntless, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you will be able to choose the loadout that suits you best.


The sword is a handyman weapon, a very reliable tool for both new players and more experienced users. It presents a fairly fast attack scheme, as well as several combos that players can use to increase the amount of damage dealt with monsters. Hitting the Behemoths with the sword will increase the weapon’s special meter, allowing us to activate it to deal additional damage. If you are looking for something that allows you to be both offensive and defensive, the sword guarantees you well-balanced attack speed, as well as many opportunities to escape and dodge the attacks of the opponents.


Axes offer slower attacks that can still be loaded to inflict even more damage with subsequent attacks. The most important thing to keep in mind when using the ax is that you have to anticipate where the enemy is going, trying to send the attacks in that direction. If you are hunting on your own, we strongly advise you to stay away from this particular type of weapon, as its attacks are much slower and easier to avoid for the quicker Behemoths than Dauntless. Axes, like swords, are also excellent weapons for cutting off parts of Behemoth.


Dauntless’s hammer can inflict a large amount of damage, at the cost of a certain slow movement. The biggest disadvantage of hammers, apart from attacking much slower than other weapons, is the fact that they can’t cut parts of Behemoth. This means that Behemoth’s tails cannot be cut with the weapon and that to do so you will need to extract another blade if necessary. Apart from that, though, the hammer is a very effective weapon that allows you to easily learn to synchronize attacks. When you use it, always pay attention to your resistance bar, as it will tend to consume it quickly.

Chain blades

Being the only double-barreled hand-held weapon in Dauntless, it seems reasonable to expect that the chain blades will look like the fastest weapons ever. Although it is not entirely wrong reasoning, one must keep in mind that these weapons require perfect timing to dodge attacks and make the most of their shots. Perhaps the most useful feature of these weapons is the fact of being able to attack with chain jumps, in order to hit enemies from a safe distance. A good way to combine distance and close range combat. You can also top up your special meter, which you can use to dodge attacks or reach the enemy.

War peak

The War Pike is certainly one of the most powerful weapons since it allows you to attack the Behemoths both from near and far. This weapon also includes a well-balanced attack model, which makes it easy to master even for new players. The War Pike provides two types of attacks: the penetrating attacks, which allow you to injure parts of Behemoth inflicting them extensive damage, and sharp attacks, which allow you to cut off parts of Behemoth exposing additional areas to inflict damage. Perhaps the best feature of War Pike, however, is the fact that your special gauge allows you to boost your physical attack power based on how many charges you have.

Ostiani repeaters

Although the Ostiani Repeaters are not selectable from the start of the game, it is still worth treating them as a weapon category to consider in your loadout choices. Being the only real remote weapon available in the game, repeaters represent an excellent balance between an offensive and defensive approach. Be sure to customize the repeaters with additional parts that fit with each hunt, as adapting the features to the Behemoths to deal with will be even more important than with any other weapon in the game.

As you can see, every type of weapon in Dauntless adapts to a certain style of play. We, therefore, advise you to choose your loadout based on the enemies to be faced, whether to play alone or within a party, and of course based on your fighting style.

About the multiplayer sector, we remind you that Dauntless supports cross-play between PCPS4 and Xbox One.