Dauntless: Here Are the Challenges of Season 5, Week 1

The Season 5 Dauntless began, and along with new items and weapons hidden, also came the challenges of Week 1 of the Hunting License, the new challenge available weekly on the game.

Recall that in Dauntless cross-play is available, so you can face challenges even with friends on other consoles, and of course, the progress is shared between PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to which Nintendo Switch could be added in the future.

The challenges of the hunting license are four this week and will guarantee 150 Heartseekers for each completed challenge. In one of the challenges, it will be necessary to avoid being hit, so it is probably worth equipping a weapon that has ice damage.

For the challenge, Duck and Weave will need to make 250,000 total damage to the Behemoths, but as we said, if you get hit, your count will drop by 500, so be careful.

In A Thousand Cuts, you will have to kill 10 Behemots using swords or blades.

Terra forms foresee the completion of 10 land patrols, while in Frost Hazards you have to kill 10 behemots using ice weapons.

Dauntless challenges are coming up every Friday, so make sure you finish them before starting the new ones. Are you ready to start your hunt?