Dauntless: Model P Weapons Are Available for PS Plus Subscribers

Dauntless: Model P Weapons Are Available for PS Plus Subscribers

After quite some time spent in alpha and then in beta, Dauntless is finally available in its final version and already boasts the first exclusive additional content for PlayStation 4 users.

Anyone with an active subscription to the PlayStation Plus service can, in fact, run on PlayStation Store and download the Model P Weapons Package, containing the following items:

  • Ostiane chain blades (Model P)
  • Ostiani repeating rifles (Model P)
  • Scimitar ostiana (Model P)
  • Ostiana war ax (Model P)
  • War hammer (Model P)
  • Ostiana war pike (Model P)

The bundle is free and can be downloaded either via the relevant page on the official PlayStation Store website or via your PS4.

We remind you that Dauntless is a cross-platform title just like Fortnite Battaglia Reale and, for this reason, it is possible to go hunting with your avatar and your progress regardless of the platform. You can then interrupt the game on PC and then resume it on the PlayStation 4 at the exact point where you stopped shortly before. Precisely for this reason, the DLCs in question should also be usable on other platforms, but you will have to start the game at least once on PS4 to unlock the weapons on your account.

If you would like to try the game, you should know that it is possible to download it for free on a PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It also seems that users have downloaded F2P en masse, to the point where the servers collapse by Dauntless and give life to endless tails.

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