Destiny 2: The Lower Level Players Can Also Participate in the New Raid

Destiny 2: The Lower Level Players Can Also Participate in the New Raid

As you well know by now, on June 4, 2019, there will be the official launch of the fourth and final expansion of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. Unlike usual, Guardians from all over the world will be able to play the new Destiny 2 Incursion since launching of the DLC and this time they won’t even have to worry about the Power Level.

Bungie has in fact thought of something very interesting to make the clashes of the new raid more balanced and to allow players who want to be the first in the world to complete the new activity starting immediately. In fact, for the first 24 hours of the launch, the Crown of Sorrow Raid will ensure that the Guardian Power Level coincides with that of the boss fight. This means in a nutshell that if the first clash will have a recommended power of 720, your power will temporarily increase to that figure. The only requirement to start the raid the first time is to complete the Power Surge Quest, whose details are currently unknown.

In the post published on, Luke Smith also stated that if this initiative were to succeed, such mechanics could become a standard for all future series Incursions.

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