Fortnite Challenges Make Center in event center Find Jonesy in the Sewers

Fortnite Challenges Make Center in event center: Find Jonesy in the Sewers

After showing you where to find Jonesy behind a basket, in this mini-guide to Fortnite Fort Center ‘s event, you will learn how to complete the challenge of finding Jonesy in the sewers.

Fortnite players can access the Make Center in the event center to complete free challenges and unlock the backboard decorative back, along with its nine stylistic variations. If you have the Hang Time set, you will also have access to extra challenges with which to unlock additional rewards such as styles for Grind and Clutch costumes, along with four unique sprays. Below we explain how to complete the challenge of finding Jonesy in the sewers.

Find Jonesy in the sewers (0/1) (GOAT spray)

To complete this challenge you will need to find Jonesy’s silhouette inside the sewers. Where is it exactly?

All you have to do is start a game of Fai Centro in Centro, start the route, get to the third straight and go down into the sewers through the manhole open on the road. Once you enter the sewers, you just need to follow the path shown in the video at the top of the news, until you come across Jonesy’s silhouette. Once done, after completing the challenge, you will receive the uncommon GOAT spray

Speaking of the other challenges of the Fai Centro in Centro event, we remind you that on our pages we also explained how to complete the Dance challenge or use emote between two street food trucks.

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