Fortnite: Dataminers Reveal Statistics and New Sounds of the SMG Burst Weapon

Fortnite: Dataminers Reveal Statistics and New Sounds of the Smg Burst Weapon

As often happens with the publication of every Fortnite update, Epic Games’ dataminer of the battle royale takes advantage of the Fortnite 9.10 update to hunt for clues regarding the new content that awaits us with the next patches of the most played multiplayer shooter in the world.

On the basis of the datamining operations carried out by the amateur programmers’ collective that manages the Storm Shield One portal , we thus learn of the presence among the hidden files of the last Fortnite update of several inactive portions of code connected to the SMG Burst, a machine gun that should be made available to the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale soon.

As discovered by the dataminer, the Burst submachine gun will be offered in the Gray, Blue and Green color variants, each with its own set of statistics based on their rarity: if the Gray SMG should cause 23 damage points for each bullet, for example, the Blue and Green versions should go up to 24 and 25 damage points.

Despite the low stopping power of the Burst bullets compared to other types of weapons that can be equipped by Fortnite users, the high rate of fire ( 3.4 bullets per second ) should make it a particularly lethal tool in close range battles. thus contributing to filling the gap left by the removal of the Shotgun at the beginning of Season 9. While waiting for the launch date of the SMG Burst, we will leave you to our guide to obtain the Fortbytes and the updates of the update 9.10 of Fortnite.