Fortnite Make Center in Center: Challenge Guide Search for the Letters On Fire

Fortnite Make Center in Center: Challenge Guide Search for the Letters On Fire

The challenges of the Fortnite Make Center in Center event dedicated to basketball continue. After showing you where to find Jonesy in the sewers, in this mini-guide we explain how to complete the challenge of finding the letters ON FIRE.

Completing the challenges of the Make Center in Center event you can unlock the backboard decorative back, along with its nine stylistic variations. If you are in possession of September Hang Time, also, you also have access to the extra challenges that unlock additional rewards such as styles for Grind and Clutch costumes, along with four unique sprays. Below we show you how to complete the challenge of finding the letters ON FIRE.

Look for the letters ON FIRE (0/6) (Coccola backboard)

To complete this challenge you will have to start a MAT Make Center game in the Center, cross the path and collect the ONFIRE letters along the way.

As you can see in the video proposed at the top, the letter O is at the bottom left along the first straight, while to collect the letter N you will have to go down the stairs that lead to the basement of the second straight. Then go back upstairs and go to the end of the second straight to find the letter F between the two street food trucks.

The letter I is located at the bottom of the third straight, next to the truck, while the letter R can be collected at the bottom of the fourth straight near the benches. Finally, the letter E can be found after using the transporter platform leading to the upper floor.

After completing the challenge, players will be rewarded with the epic Coccola backboard.