Fortnite: Ravioli for All Tastes Coming With the New Leaked Skins?


Fortnite players, prepare soy sauce! Again, this is not a new, bizarre game mechanic of Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale, but of some potential new arrivals in terms of skins and outfits.

The usual dataminers have in fact dug deep into the game code, and discovered some unannounced skins that will transform our characters into … steamed ravioli! And it seems we can choose between four different styles: chicken, beef, pork and vegetables, each obviously with its own particular shape.

According to what has leaked, a skin of a ninja-pug may also be coming (we really want to see it) and a canine-themed set that includes a bowl-shaped backpack and a bone-shaped pickaxe.

The ravioli set is a clear reference to the restaurant that Epic Games has added to Lucky Landing, which is one of the statistically least visited sections of the map, so it could be an attempt to “publicize” it a little. The software house is not new then to the insertion of skins related to food, including hamburgers, pizza, Tomatohead and so on.

What do you think? Do you like this potential new arrival? Always on the subject of skins and objects, take a look at the new Fortnite store update, or if you prefer to wait, here are all the possible Fortnite skins leaked out of Season 9.