Fortnite: The Shop Is Flooded With Fish! Here Are the Updates of the Update

Fish for all tastes in the Fortnite store update! No, we’re not crazy, and it’s not a bizarre new game mechanics, or a weapon or an object, but the skin Fishstick, rare outfits from 1,200 V-Bucks that can not snatch a smile.

Fishstick is part of the new set of objects put up for sale today on the store, which still includes the skin Clutch, of the Fortnite x Jordan collaboration, and which, again with fish and sea creatures, adds three new covers: Slippery, Fish Face and Fishy.

Who does not appreciate fish products, can refer to the Daily Sales, which today include Cipher and Munitions Major skins, the Rock Out and Flex On ‘Em emotes, the Coral Cruiser glider (well, this is a marine theme too … .) and the Bootstraps pickaxe.

As usual, the Fortnite store update will be online for Italy starting today. As always, we remind you that any purchases you make in-game will bring only aesthetic changes to your character, and therefore will not lead to any competitive advantage in battle.

What do you think of these new objects? Have you already made your shopping list? How will you spend your hard  earned V-Bucks?