Fortnite: Turner “Tfue” Tenney Has Already Thought About the Next Faze Clan

Fortnite: Turner

Tfue, who in recent days has become the center of media attention for the legal dispute with his now ex-team , has already thought about what he will do when he grows up.

The boy, in fact, wants to create his own export organization as soon as the FaZes have terminated the contract.

Jack Tenney, Tfue’s brother, wrote that the boy wants to ” work with the brands he wants and be free to change as he sees fit “. ” What Tfue did will help more people than it hurts the industry, ” concluded Tenney the less famous.

Tfue described the contract that bound him to the FaZe as ” oppressive “. The player complains that the FaZes were not only strongly restricting him from getting sponsors for his Twitch and YouTube channels but also holding back about 80% of the young man’s revenues.

If the Tfue contract is invalidated, the player will no longer be tied to the FaZe Clan and will be free to sign with any other organization or start a solo adventure, as he seems to want to do. Tfue published a video yesterday that says he wants to improve the world of export and creating his own organization could be a way to succeed.

These guys are being robbed and exploited, ” Tfue said in the video. ” These contracts are not OK and should never happen again .”