GTA Online: New Series of the Missile Base and a Bonus of 250,000 GTA $

GTA Online: New Series of the Missile Base and a Bonus of 250,000 GTA $

In GTA Online the new Missile Base series has started, with intense competitive clashes in the heart of Mount Chiliad. CEOs who own offices will receive a nice bonus, while all Smuggler missions, Juggernaut and Rhino Hunt modes offer double rewards until May 29th.

Missile Base Series
Return to Apocalypse Risk environments with nine classic modes within the missile silo, including Resurrection, Slasher, Four Strikes and Away and more. All modes set within the missile base will also offer double rewards. Set as your destination the nearest icon of a series of bunker challenges and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Mount Chiliad.

$250,000 GTA free for office owners
Industry and business are the beating heart of a thriving economy, which is why all office owners, even those who buy it this week, will receive a gift of 250,000 GTA $. Consider it a kind of incentive. You deserve it.

GTA $ and RP doubles in smuggler sales missions
Flying with an airplane full of smuggled goods is very risky, but just as profitable. That’s why, throughout the week, Smugglers’ sales missions offer double GTA $ and RP.

-25% on special cargo counters
Managing a business can be difficult and sometimes you can’t keep up with market demand. An empty warehouse means empty wallets. Lucky for you, the special cargo boxes are discounted by 25% this week. Make a good supply and give them to your customers, they will be very satisfied.

GTA $ and RP double in Juggernaut and Rhino Hunt mode
Players who face Juggernaut and Rhino Hunt modes will receive GTA $ and RP as a reward for their bravery. In Juggernaut, the homonymous war machine will be your most important resource but also your weak point. Win by knocking down the enemy Juggernaut without getting yourself killed. How many soldiers does it take to destroy a tank? With Rhino Hunt you will find out: a team, armed only with sticky bombs, will have to knock down one or two players inside an armored vehicle.

RP Triple in the shooting range challenges
Practice makes perfect and weapons are no exception. Players who decide to refine their aim will receive triple RPs on all challenges on the firing range, in any Ammu-Nation or bunker owned by the players, until May 29th.

Play to unlock the Coil USA t-shirt and Dixon Wilderness t-shirt
What’s better than gadgets? Free gadget, that’s what. Play any time until May 29th to get the USA Coil shirt. Also, starting tomorrow, you can participate in the celebrations for the transmodern residence in Ibiza of the GTA Online DJ: After Hours, Dixon, with the Dixon Wilderness t-shirt.

Discounts on properties and vehicles
We have something for players who want to save GTA $. Discounts of up to 40% on properties, renovations, vehicles and more, including:

  • Hangars, renovations, and additions – 40% discount
  • Bunkers, renovations and additions – 40% discount
  • Modules of the Mobile Operating Center, renovations and additions – 40% discount
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte and related restructuring and modifications – 40% discount
  • BF Dune FAV – 30% discount
  • All smugglers’ aircraft – 35% discount
  • HVY Barrage – 35% discount
  • HVY Menacer – 35% discount
  • Half-track Bravado – 35% discount
  • Declare armed Tampa – 35% discount
  • HVY Insurgent custom pick-up – 35% discount
  • Mammoth Thruster – 35% discount
  • Ubermacht Revolter – 35% discount
  • Declasse Scramjet – 35% discount
  • Rhino – 35% discount

races You can participate in premium races by starting them from the “Quick Match” app on your game phone or from the yellow circle at Legion Square. Pay 20,000 GTA $ and compete for first place against seven other drivers. The winner will win 100,000 GTA $, the second 30,000 GTA $ and the third 20,000 GTA $.

  • May 23 – Business trip (supercar only)
  • From May 24th to 27th – Prophetic journey (only for motorcycles)
  • May 28-29 – Takeoff (supercar only)

For more information on GTA Online bonuses, visit the Social Club Events page.