Man of Medan: Supermassive Illustrates the Program of Upcoming Horror Titles

Man of Medan: Supermassive Illustrates the Program of Upcoming Horror Titles

The release of the Man of Medan release date announcement video offers Supermassive Games CEO Pete Samuels the opportunity to discuss with the curators of the PlayStation Blog about the company’s plans to launch the other chapters of the Dark Pictures Anthology.

The boss of the British development company responsible for the success of the horror adventure Until Dawn explained that “we are committed to launching two games in a 12-month time frame. The development of the first three is well underway, while for the fourth and the fifth we are in a rather advanced phase if we look at it from a narrative perspective “.

However, according to Samuels, the company intends to explore the whole arc of playful experiences in dark colors by carrying out further projects to be included in the Dark Pictures Anthology which will soon debut with Man of Medan. The CEO of Supermassive explains that “we also have ideas for the sixth, seventh and eighth title! Among those already in development and the others that we hope to do later, we plan to cover another 39 subgenres of horror adventures we have identified! We could not be more excited.

Man of Medan is scheduled for release on August 30th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title, as deepened by Gabriele Laurino in his special on the first act of the Dark Pictures Anthology, will see us play five young Americans sailed aboard a ship to look for a WWII wreck. Taken aback by a storm, the boys’ journey will turn into a nightmare and, just like in Until Dawn, our actions will determine the fate of individual young people.