Mike Tyson Officially Enters the Esports Business With a Millionaire Investment

Mike Tyson Officially Enters the Esports Business With a Millionaire Investment

After retiring from boxing, the former heavyweight champion – now an entrepreneur – has decided to embark on another adventure: Esports. Mike Tyson announced a strategic investment in <> Fade 2 Karma, a professional sports team best known for being among the most active in card games: Hearthstone and Magic.

The Fade 2 organization Karma will build a new streaming facility near Los Angeles in El Segundo, California, the base of Tyson Ranch, a company owned by former heavyweight champion. The new structure, called ” The Ranch House “, will include private rooms, a tournament stage, content production, and a rooftop deck party.

Connected to the structure there will be a new entertainment production studio, managed by Fade 2 Karma. A couple of days ago Tyson joined several players Hearthstone org for a live streaming session broadcast on Twitch channel of Alexandra “Alliestrasza” Macpherson. ” It was fantastic, I had the opportunity to really compare myself with some millennials, something I never really did, ” Tyson told ESPN. ” This was the first time, and I thought it was really great, we played Hearthstone and I really sucked .”

Tyson said he knew the Esports from his son, who is both a player and a competition enthusiast. From there, Tyson hired his team at Tyson Ranch to find a safe investment.

Tyson joins a growing list of celebrities and VIPs who have invested in Esports in recent years.

Some, including Rick Fox, who won three NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s, and the Golden State Warriors player Jonas Jerebko, also have an active part in their organizations, despite the problems they had with Rick Fox in the last weeks.

Other celebrities, like Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, and Drake, are instead mere investors probably through their companies.