Playstation VR 2: Will the Next-Gen Viewer for ps5 Be Sold in More Variants?

Playstation VR 2: Will the Next-Gen Viewer for ps5 Be Sold in More Variants?

During the ongoing Collision event in Toronto, SCE America’s director of technology, Dominic Mallinson, wanted to illustrate Sony’s plans for the next-gen version of PS VR which, presumably, will be marketed during the early years of the life cycle of PS5.

As explained by the manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America, the Japanese company could seriously consider the possibility of launching more models of PS VR 2 to meet the needs, the economic possibilities and the tastes of future PS5 owners.

Urged by viewers of the Canadian keynote to offer a clarification in this regard, Mallinson explained that “I talked about wireless, for example. This is an easy way to do it: you have a wired headset, but if you take that cable and replace it with wireless, here you can have a range of action. Consequently, you can have an entry-level model and a high-end model, on the other hand, it’s something we’ve already done with PlayStation 4 so I think we could do it with PSVR too”.

Despite the fact that the upper echelons of Sony are planning the next-gen version of PlayStation VR, future PS5 buyers will still be able to use the current PS VR model, as the designer and programmer of the Japanese company, Mark Cerny, reiterated. unveiled the specifications of SS5 and pledged support to the headset for PS4. And you, what do you think of Mallinson’s statements? Would you be willing to change PS VR to buy the basic version (presumably with cable) or “premium” (wireless) to play in virtual reality on PS5?