Pokemon Go: Bronzor Shiny Available as Part of the Special Raids

Pokemon Go: Bronzor Shiny Available as Part of the Special Raids

Niantic Labs has announced that Bronzor Shiny is now available in Pokemon GO as part of the Special Raid week that will continue throughout the weekend until Monday, May 27th.

Coaches can now capture Bronzor Chromatic on iOS and Android, the appearance rate is not particularly high and therefore the chances of capture are extremely reduced, but if you feel ready you can try to face the mission Win a Raid, which provides a Bronzor Shiny / Comatic as a reward.

Among the other innovations we point out the availability in Pokemon GO of the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre, Groudon and Cresselia, also it was announced that the June Community Day will be dedicated to Slakoth. Niantic Labs has many other new things in store to celebrate the third birthday of the game this summer, soon the study will reveal more details about it, we just have to wait to learn more

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