Pokemon Go: Slakoth, Revealed the June Community Day Move?

Pokemon Go: Slakoth

Slakoth is the protagonist of the June 2019 Community Day of Pokemon GO, to date Niantic Labs has not revealed too many details about it but in the past few hours, the exclusive move was leaked on the web, probably by mistake and ahead of its time …

According to the Taiwanese Twitter profile of Pokemon GO, Slakoth would have the Corposcontro move, but the post has been removed and it is possible that Niantic Labs decides to change the move following this leak.

The Community Day starring Slakoth is set for June 8 , on this occasion the frequency of appearance of the Pokemon in the wild will increase significantly, also to make more fun the activities of those who want to try this challenge during the Community Day the distance of the Egg hatching will be reduced to a quarter and it will be possible to use three-hour baits.