Rainbow Six Siege: Has a Match Fixing Case Distorted Qualifications for Milan?

Rainbow Six Siege Has a Match Fixing Case Distorted Qualifications for Milan

Former Brazilian analyst Black Dragons, Thiago Nicézio, has accused both FaZe Clan and the Black Dragons of having rigged matches during the Rainbow Six Pro League LATAM season.

In an article published by Siege.gg the charges were exposed as well as a fair number of potential proofs. Nicézio, who recently left the Black Dragons due to “personal matters”, says that the Gleidson “GdNN1” Marcondes Junior Player would agree with Ronaldo “ion” Koji Osawa Filho of the FaZe Clans to lose specific games so as to help each other in the R6 Pro League.

The offending match was to be played in week 12: Black Dragons against FaZe. The alleged match-making between the two teams took place – it seems – with players from BD who repeatedly disconnected from the game. The final result was 7-0 in favor of FaZe. This thesis, however, is questioned by some screenshots that would show different exchanges of WhatsApp messages that seem to indicate that players may have actually had connectivity problems during the match.

A Reddit user translated a recorded conversation between GdNN1 and Nicézio, in which GdNN1 says in response to Nicézio’s accusations, ” It would not change anything for us or even for them. “

Since Nicézio posted the allegations on Twitter, GdNN1 has been fined and removed from the Black Dragons roster pending a more in-depth investigation. For now, Ubisoft does not seem to have considered the charges.

The FaZes have not commented on the matter at the time. The team arrived in the semifinals in Milan, so their position is extremely delicate. The team eliminated the Ninja in Pajamas for a place in the Italian final phase which, if the accusations are true, means that the match with the Black Dragons of week 12 has practically secured the ticket to Milan.