Street Fighter V: There Are Finally News on the Horizon

Street Fighter V: There Are Finally News on the Horizon

After months of silence, fans had begun to think that support for Street Fighter V was over, but it seems that Capcom has very different intentions. Finally, in fact, the creator of the game has announced some news coming soon, even rather soon.

After a couple of years of excellent support and communication from Capcom on the game, in fact, the situation had changed at the beginning of 2019, when the season pass of Street Fighter V did not arrive, but only a patch and a character, to then practically silence itself For me yes.

Capcom’s communication was almost completely absent, and therefore the discontent was very evident in the fans until the tweet of the last hours by Yoshinori Ono, who rekindled the hopes of the fighting fans.

In the post, Ono thanks the players for their support and promises new arrivals for Street Fighter V, during ” a great event in August “. It should be the Evo 2019, the biggest eSport event for fighting games, which will take place during the first weekend of August. Also last year Capcom was present and revealed two new characters, made available later that same day.

Is there something to expect this year too? Probably yes, trusting Ono’s words. Understand what is, however, another issue. What do you hope for?