Stuffy Success for Dauntless: Full Servers and Queues up to 3 Hours Waiting Time

After being long in the limbo of the beta phase, Dauntless, the Monster Hunter-like of Phoenix Labs, has finally come out in definitive version on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, inevitably welcoming a stream of curious players to try the action game.

As confirmed by the development team itself, the success achieved by Dauntless in these days has been so great and sudden that it is finally suffocating : the game servers have become literally full, and over 4 million users (500,000 of whom have entered starting from the launch of the final version) they are asked to wait up to 3 hours in order to take part in a match.

Phoenix Labs, although happy to have attracted such a large user base, has promptly released an update on the delicate situation:

“Planning for loading services and scale tests is a very complicated problem. We have prepared ourselves for the confluence of the players and we have carried out numerous checks on Dauntless and its services. The difficult part is that it is complex to predict how things will work before the players appear. Everyone here is working to improve matchmaking, capacity, and other service issues

Waiting for news, let’s remember that Dauntless is now available on PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (cross-play is enabled between all platforms, Sony console included). The Switch and mobile versions of the free-to-play hunting game are expected in the future.

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