The Heavy Rain Demo Is Now Available on PC via the Epic Games Store

The Heavy Rain Demo Is Now Available on PC via the Epic Games Store

If the words “Assassin of Origami” don’t tell you anything, or you didn’t have a PlayStation 3, or you missed the game that made Quantic Dream one of the most beloved developers of recent times. We are obviously talking about Heavy Rain, which will soon be available also on PC.

After being launched in the now far away 2010 in exclusive PlayStation 3, Heavy Rain has landed then on PS4 in 2016 and now is about to arrive on our computers, where those who have not yet managed to play it will have the right opportunity to recover this gap.

Its release will be preceded by a demo of Heavy Rain, which is available today for free download on Epic Games Store. This is the same version widespread at the time of PS3 although obviously in an updated version, and which contains two chapters of the story: one with FBI agent Norman Jayden, and the other in which he will play as private detective Scott Shelby. The demo should be completed in about 45 minutes, so players will get an idea of the game mechanics.

Heavy Rain will arrive on PC on June 24th, and will be followed by two other famous Quantic Dream titles like Beyond: Two Souls, on July 22nd, and Detroit: Become Human, this fall.