The New Chapter of Destroy All Humans! Will Be Announced at E3 2019?

The New Chapter of Destroy All Humans! Will Be Announced at e3 2019?

We are getting closer and closer to the long-awaited moment of the annual edition of the E3 in Los Angeles, an occasion that the major protagonists of the videogame industry exploit to announce great surprises and show their titles on the road.

According to some speculations that are taking place these days, THQ Nordic would be about to announce a new chapter of Destroy All Humans! just for the Los Angeles kermesse. The theory came out after the publisher held a question and answer session on 8chan ( not particularly appreciated by the public) during February, during which an image was uploaded that inadvertently anticipated some of the plans to which the company was working for the next few months.

Among the information that emerged due to the incident, the apparent E3 lineup of THQ Nordic emerged, including the name of Destroy All Humans. Has the time come to return to take on the role of the evil alien Cryptosporidium and impose the terrible submission of the terrestrial race?

At the moment it is just a speculation, and we can only wait patiently for the most anticipated videogame event of the year to finally begin. We take this opportunity to offer you our E3 2019 special, in which we discuss future expectations and nostalgic moments linked to the past of the fair.