Conker’s Bad Fur Day Creator Reveals Details of the Sequel Ever Made

Conker's Bad Fur Day Creator Reveals Details of the Sequel Ever Made

Conker’s Bad Fur Day, a platform game developed by Rare and launched on Nintendo 64 in 2001, is still remembered with extreme affection by those who were able to play it at the time. Despite a remake for Xbox 360 – Conker: Live & Reloaded – in 2005, the title never received a sequel.

Not that the guys at Rare didn’t try, anyway. The following ideas, known as Conker’s Other Bad Day, were there, and production was even started. The acquisition of Rare by Microsoft, however, upset the cards on the table. The Redmond house commissioned the English boys for the aforementioned remake of the progenitor, to then permanently cancel the processing of the sequel.

These days, Chris Seavor, project lead of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, has returned to the post on Twitter, revealing some interesting information on the game ever made. Apparently, the developers’ intention was to offer a more in-depth narrative. In the second act, for example, the soul of a dead Panther King would take control of a Conker clone, while the poor squirrel found himself trapped in a nightclub, called The Basement, run by a weasel as a Boss of the Mafia! At one point, Conker would also have broken the fourth wall.

Among other planned locations, in addition to the night club, there was also a vampire-infested castle, which would have served as the central hub, sewers, a church, an old barn, a mill, and even a lunar base. Conker, for his part, would have fallen in love with a bunny called Bunni. Not even references to popular culture (films, television and other video games, including the founder himself) would have been missing.

Very interesting information, exactly like some rumors that are circulating on the net these days, according to which at E3 2019 something could be announced concerning Conker or Banjo Kazooie.