Cyberpunk 2077: KicińSki Says Its About the Release Date and Vr Support

Cyberpunk 2077: KicińSki Says Its About the Release Date and VR Support

On the net, we continue to talk about Cyberpunk 2077. The title will be one of the absolute protagonists of E3 2019, but the desire to see it in action and learn more is so much that the new effort of CD Projekt RED, for one reason or another, is always at the center of discussions of gamers and professionals.

To further fuel the debates, recent statements were made by Adam Kiciński, one of the two founders of the Polish studio. During the last meeting with investors, they predictably asked him if the release date will be announced or not at E3 2019. The CEO has not ignored the question at all, but he answered in a rather cryptic way: “I’m sorry, we can’t say it – in the sense that we can neither confirm it nor deny it “. The possibility that the date (or a launch window) is actually revealed at the Los Angeles fair, there really is, since it has not been ruled out at all.

After that, Kiciński addressed the topic of Virtual Reality. In this regard, he stated that technically it is possible to insert support for VR, but the game was not designed with this aim in mind: “From a technical point of view, it would not be very difficult to add VR support. After all, we render our 3D graphics – clearly, the screen is flat, but if someone has a 3D adapter and a pair of VR glasses, they could enjoy a rudimentary VR. The question becomes more difficult when a factor like game design comes into play. Substantial changes must be taken into account when working with VR products. We are focusing on the PC and console editions of Cyberpunk, so we are not moving in that direction at the moment “.

Recently, we discovered that the team currently working on the game is made up of as many as 400 people. A new Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper has also been released for E3 2019.

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