Destiny: Crown of Torment Raid and “a New Era” for Bungie and Destiny 2

Destiny: Crown of Torment Raid and

The debut of the new Destiny 2 Wealth Season is now quite imminent. The new contents will, in fact, be made available during the first week of June.

In view of the appointment, Bungie has published on its official website a new update dedicated to the evolution of Destiny 2, with which some interesting information is communicated to the community. The software house confirms that the new Wealth Season will start with the new company Picco di Potere. Completing it will be an essential element to gain access to the new Corona del Tormento incursion. This new Destiny 2 raid will debut in-game at 16:00 PDT on the first day of the Wealth Season (Tuesday, June 4), equivalent, according to the Italian time zone, at 1:00 am the following day. During the first 24 hours, the player’s Power will be limited to “each clash within the raid”.

The software house promises that new information on the Wealth Season will be shared with gamers over the next week. However, it seems that further updates on the future of the Bungie title are in the pipeline. The update published by the team on the official finger closes with an interesting statement. With this it is emphasized that the Wealth Season is the current focus, “But after the start of the season and the awarding of the prizes for the raid, we will look to the future and will share details with you about a new era coming up for Bungie and Destiny 2 “. Curious to learn more?