F1 2019: Codemasters Shows in Pictures the Improvements at the Monaco Circuit


The works on F1 2019 are proceeding quickly, as confirmed by the same guys from Codemasters publishing the first gameplay video. The Artistic Director of the Codies, Stuart Cambell, also decides to investigate the matter by publishing comparative images showing the graphics improvements of the Monaco Circuit.

At the digital transposition of the flagship event of the Formula One automobile season, British authors have paid particular attention to improving every graphic element of the track and the dream scenario that frames the event.

Among the interventions carried out by the artistic team headed by Campbell, we mention the improvement in the fidelity of buildings, with the adoption of more accurate polygonal models with higher geometries and higher resolution. The British authors have also increased the density of the crowd as well as the realism of the signage and the environmental lighting system.

Still with regard to lighting, the effects resulting from the surface of the asphalt recreated through the three – dimensional scanning of the real circuit are particularly interesting , a technology that should help make the experience driving the F1 2019 racing cars even more realistic when The title will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, ie on June 28th.