Fortnite: How to Get 90 V-Buck for Free (May 25, 2019)

Fortnite: How to Get 90 V-Buck for Free (May 25, 2019)

Are you still missing some V-buck to buy the exclusive Fortnite X Jordan package? No problem, because even today you can take advantage of new World Save alerts and set aside at least 90 V-Bucks without any special efforts.

Before listing the missions we remind you as always that the alerts of the day will be valid until 2:00 this night and that the missions launched even at the last second can then be successfully completed as long as you do not leave the game and not you are disconnected.

Here is the mission of the day:


  • Fight the Storm, Thunder Route 99 (Recommended Home Base Level 108) – 40 V-Buck, Hero Experience Points, Epic DARK, Seasonal Gold, 122 Summer Tickets

The advice to optimize times is always to try to combine the daily task with the alerts to complete, so as to add to the mission V-Buck the task’s 50 V-Buck (you can keep up to 3 and replace one per day). With a little luck, you could also receive one of the daily assignments of Tavolaccia, Vallarguta or Montespago that will allow you to earn 60, 75 or 100 V-Buck respectively, completing 3 different missions in a specific area of the game.

If your home base level is too low for the mission you can always rely on a friend’s help and complete the goal in a private lobby. To start a private game, all you have to do is open the drop-down menu at the top right, select Privacy Group and click on “Friends Only”. In this way, the game will start the mission without looking for other players and will ignore any level limits.

Have you already taken a look at the sounds and statistics of the Burst Machine Gun, coming with the next weekly update? A leak has also revealed the image behind some of the next Fortbytes, behind which the Kevin Cube and a monstrous creature are hiding.