Fortnite Season 10: Polar Peak Earthquakes Will Transform the Map?

Fortnite Season 10: Polar Peak Earthquakes Will Transform the Map?

Earthquakes continue to shake the face of the island of Fortnite dominated by the ice of Picco Polare and the community of the most famous and played battle royale in the world can only connect this event to the inevitable news that awaits us between the second half of Season 9 and the beginning of Season 10.

From the fractures created in the ice that emerges from the blanket of snow that whitens the south-west region of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale map, in fact, several island explorers claim to have heard the noise of creatures, presumably dragons, who would wait to be released.

While the scene of the dataminer continues to probe among the most hidden files of the latest Fortnite updates to hunt for clues regarding the hypothetical return of the dragons , the ever attentive community of Epic’s free multiplayer shooter that meets on the Reddit forums and ResetEra invites us to recompose the puzzle of the rumors of recent weeks.

To understand what’s cooking and discover, by doing so, what activities await us in the delicate period that will mark the end of the sci-fi-themed Season 9 and the beginning of Season 10, the members of the two popular forums invite us to reconsider with beware of the clues launched by Epic Games with the third teaser image of the current season.

On the holographic instrument worn by the character immortalized in the third teaser, in fact, it was possible to admire a stylized version of the Fortnite island very different from the current one: the area with the greatest number of modifications corresponded, precisely, to Polar Peak, suggesting its dissolution of the ice and the consequent raising of the sea level . However, the start of Fortnite Season 10 is scheduled for Thursday, August 1st.