Project xCloud Is Already Compatible With 3,500 Xbox Games, Confirms Microsoft

Project xCloud Is Already Compatible With 3,500 Xbox Games, Confirms Microsoft

Through a new post published on the blog of Major Nelson, Microsoft updates us about the developments of Project xCloud, the streaming gaming platform on which the Redmond giant has been working intensively for a few months now.

Project xCloud is in an advanced test phase, and many members of the US company are testing the platform and infrastructure that will support the ambitious project based on cloud gaming. In addition, development companies like Paradox Interactive and Capcom have had the privilege of trying xCloud preview, which we will mention will be launched in public beta during 2019.

Microsoft says that the checks were carried out in various areas of North America, Asia and Europe (so it is assumed an immediate launch also in Italy) exploiting 13 regions covered by the Azure datacentres, the gigantic network of servers in the middle of the recent close collaboration with Sony. 

Also interesting to discover how over 3,500 games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox catalogs are already perfectly compatible with xCloud. Microsoft specifies that the titles work without the need for the developers to intervene in any way on the issue (therefore, even when the patches are published, these are automatically applied to the xCloud versions of the games). However, the developers will be able to modify some details to their liking to refine the streaming of their titles, for example retouching the font of written texts to improve their vision on devices equipped with small screens, and will also be able to move multiplayer events online on a common server to be able to reduce gaming latency even further.

At this point, we can expect some juicy news on Project xCloud during Microsoft ‘s E3 2019 . It will probably be on this occasion that the dates of the public beta phase will be announced.