Star Ocean First Departure R Announced by Square Enix: Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Recently, Square Enix said it wanted to develop new IPs, but, rather surprisingly, the software house today announced the return of the Star Ocean brand.

In fact, Square Enix has officially announced Star Ocean: First Departure R, a high-definition remake of Star Ocean: First Departure, a debut on the gaming market in the now rather distant 2007. At the time, the only platform supported by the game was Playstation Portable, better known as PSP. The title, in turn, constituted a remake of the original Star Ocean, an action RPG that appeared for the first time on the gaming market in 1996, on the Kyoto House’s console.

Star Ocean: First Departure R, in addition to an improved graphics component, will include some new features. The game Square Enix will debut in the near future on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the software house has not yet announced a publication date or a precise launch window for the title, but it has been confirmed that its debut will take place at the same time worldwide. Are you happy with this announcement? Have you played the previous version? 

We take the opportunity to remind you that the E3 2019 Conference of Square Enix will soon take place: the appointment is in fact set for Tuesday 11 June.