Fallout 76: The Community Discovers the Star Egg of Skyrim’s Intro Wagon

Fallout 76: The Community Discovers the Star Egg of Skyrim's Intro Wagon

Nuclear holocaust survivors who continue to explore the post-apocalyptic West Virginia of Fallout 76 have discovered an easter egg dedicated to the legendary chariot of the introduction of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

With the latest update of the Fallout 76 post-launch program dedicated to the Wild Appalachia endgame experience, the authors of Bethesda decide to pay tribute to the boundless audience of fans of The Elder Scrolls series and aspiring Dovahkiins from Skyrim with an easter egg-focused on the introductory scene of the 2011 fantasy masterpiece.

The wagon recreated in the Fallout 76 sci-fi universe by the team led by Todd Howard turns out to be identical to the one carrying the hero of Skyrim in the opening scene of the GDR Bethesda: even the position of the hero and the secondary characters (represented here from corpses of enemies) turns out to be the same!

Take a look at the image of the easter egg of the Skyrim intro wagon found at the bottom of the news and tell us what you think of this foundation.