Fortnite Season 9: Leak Anticipates Week 4 Challenges

Fortnite Season 9: Leak Anticipates Week 4 Challenges

The Season 9 Fortnite debuted in a battle royale for some time now, bringing with it many new features, including significant changes in the game map.

As usual, the ever-active community of active dataminer on Fortnite: Battaglia Reale has wasted no time trying to catch as much as possible the expected novelties for the game in the near future. These include the new Challenges of Week 4 of Season 9 of the battle royale. The well-known leaker “Lucas7yoshi”, who is extremely active on Twitter, shares his potential identities. As you can verify at the bottom of this news, the user has dedicated a twitter to this topic. According to the findings of the Tweet, the new challenges would include:

  • Inflict damage to opponents using the Sniper Rifle;
  • Eliminations with legendary weapons;
  • Destroy a loot transporter in different matches;
  • Phase 1/3: dance inside a holographic Tomato Head; Step 2/3: dance inside a holographic Durr Burger head; Stage 3/3: dance on top of a giant dumpling head;
  • Phase 1/5: lands at Polar Peak; Phase 2/5: lands in Laguna Languida; Phase 3/5: lands in Salty Springs; Phase 4/5: lands at The Block; Phase 5/5: lands at Retreat Retreat;
  • Eliminate opponents from Montagnole Maledette or Dusty Divot;
  • Visit different locations in a single match;

As usual, we invite you to remember that the leaks are not official information and could, therefore, be inaccurate or incorrect. 
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