Bandai Namco and ISKN Work Together to Create a New Entertainment Ecosystem

Bandai Namco Entertainment and ISKN have announced a partnership that will see the renowned entertainment product publisher collaborate with the innovative French IT company to create a creative entertainment platform for the whole family.

Led by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe (BNEE), the partnership intends to exploit each company’s strengths to develop and bring to market an innovative entertainment ecosystem that will be available in 2019. Thanks to complementary skills, the two companies are using the ISKN’s multi-patent increased interaction technology and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s editorial know-how to develop a unique product focused on fun, creativity, and immersion.

” Bandai Namco Entertainment is always looking for interesting partnerships to offer even more fun to everyone ,” said Herve Hoerdt, SVP of Publishing at BNEE, ” Thanks to the collaboration between our Innovation department and ISKN we were able to think outside the box and offer a new generation an innovative way to have fun, interact and create ”.

” Freeing creativity and imagination is at the heart of our technological DNA. We look forward to adding even more fun and innovation to the lives of families around the world! “Said Jean-Luc Vallejo, co-founder, and CEO of ISKN. ” Collaborating with one of the most important entertainment companies like Bandai Namco is an extraordinary opportunity to bring an ambitious product to life and upset a consolidated market “.

The unannounced Bandai Namco Entertainment and ISKN project will be officially unveiled on July 24th at The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite 2019, which will be held from 16:00 to 20:00 at the Pier Sixty, New York.