Fortnite 9.10: Here Are All the New Skins Found by the Data Miners

Fortnite 9.10- Here Are All the New Skins Found by the Data Miners

Whenever Epic Games adds something new to Fortnite, the usual data miners set to work combing through the game code hoping to find some anticipation or some hidden mystery. It is thanks to them that new skins and new objects often leak out, for example.

And it is always thanks to them if we can often provide you with updates and forecasts regarding future arrivals on the Fortnite store, for example. Also, in this case, the data miners in question have thoroughly investigated the foundations of the game, finding several interesting things, which the user Lucas7yoshi collected on Twitter in a sort of infographic, which you can find at the bottom of the news.

Some have already arrived: for example, the Doggo skin is present in today ‘s Fortnite store update, as is the bone-shaped pickaxe for dogs. Others had already leaked in recent days, such as the various Fortnite steamed ravioli-themed skins, you probably think to advertise the restaurant, a place on the map that is not very popular.

Still others could actually be coming in the next few days. What do you think of the leaked objects? What would you like to see soon in the Fortnite store?