Fortnite: The Dog Costume Arrives in the Shop Update

Fortnite: The New Weird Pug Costume and the Other Objects of May 26th

If you fight in Fortnite like a dog, well, now you can even dress like a dog! In the Fortnite shop update, which arrived on time as every day, new skin is available that will give you the features of a pug. Not bad, right?

We are talking about the Doggo epic outfit, which for just 1500 V-Bucks will give you that canine look you’ve always wanted … maybe. In combination, there is the Chew Toy pickaxe. But it’s not the only skin on sale today: for a decidedly darker look, you can buy the Sanctum skin, always epic and costing 1500 V-Bucks, and again Mezmer for 1200 V-Bucks and Sunbird, always 1200 V- Bucks.

The Moonrise pick, the Sunrise glider, the Axetec pick, and the Ruff cover are also on sale.

To complete the picture there are the Daily Sales, which today include the Disco Fever and Billy Bounce emotes, the Spectral Ax pickaxe and the Stealth glider, but also two skins: Renegade and Snorkel. As usual, we remind you that the Fortnite store update will be active from 13, and that the items purchased do not guarantee any competitive advantage in battle, but only aesthetic changes to your character.

Meanwhile, Fortnite has confirmed its presence at E3 2019, and the first rumors about Fortnite’s Season 10 are beginning to circulate. In short, the Battle Royale is more alive than ever.