Golden Axe: The Classic Sega License Is 30 Years Old

Golden Axe: The Classic Sega License Is 30 Years Old

In May 1989, SEGA launched Golden Axe in Japanese arcades, a scrolling fighting game set in a fantasy world that immediately met with huge success, kicking off a saga consisting of three main episodes, a reboot, and various spin-offs.

Golden Axe also arrives on home computers and consoles (Master System and Mega Drive) between the end of 1989 and the course of 1990, while in 1991 comes Golden Axe II on Mega Drive. In 1993 Golden Axe III comes out (only in Japan, it will arrive in the West on Wii Virtual Console in 2008), preceded by the Golden Axe spin-off The Revenge of Death Adder, relegated to the arcade market only.

Many projects also for Master System, Game Gear and Saturn, including Golden Axe Warrior (RPG-style The Legend of Zelda), Axe Battler A Legend of Golden Axe and Golden Axe The Duel, fighting game in games room released in 1994 and SEGA Saturn.

In 2008 it was the turn of the reboot Golden Axe Beast Rider, a new beginning for the saga, unfortunately, received negatively by the critics and rejected by the public. Sales are decidedly subdued and SEGA blocks all projects for the new trilogy.

In 2014 there is the talk of a TV series based on Golden Axe but nothing has yet materialized, in 2018 SEGA launches Golden Axe Classic for iOS and Android, an app that brings together the first three episodes of the series playable on smartphones and tablets. Who knows if in the future we will see a new Golden Axe for consoles, meanwhile, happy birthday!