Is Konami Preparing to Announce a New Contra at E3 2019?

Is Konami Preparing to Announce a New Contra at e3 2019?

The German retailer NetGames has included in its price lists a mysterious ” Contra ” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, available from 24 September 2019. What could it be?

The most likely hypothesis is that Konami may be working on the physical edition of the Contra Anniversary Collection , although the Japanese publisher reports in the FAQ on its website that the three collections launched in these months ( Contra, Castlevania, and Arcade Classics Collection ) do not they will come out in physical format but only as a digital download: ” There are no plans to release physical product currently. They will be all digital downloads”, this is what we read on the company’s website.

Furthermore, would only one of the three collections be published in disc/cartridge format? Many people think that Konami can announce a reboot or remake of Contra at the next E3 in Los Angeles, but for the moment everything is silent and the mystery remains …