Pokemon Company: Press Conference on May 28, With “Topics of Interest to Fans”

Pokemon Company: Press Conference on May 28, With

Basically, in conjunction with Nintendo’s announcement of the new Pokemon Direct on June 5The Pokemon Company also announces another appointment.

It is a “Pokemon 2019 Press Conference”, a press conference dedicated to the world of creatures born at Game Freak. The latter will be held in Tokyo but will be broadcast in live streaming. The official Twitter account of Pokemon is to report this in English. The appointment is definitely imminent: the conference will, in fact, take place on Tuesday, May 28th, on 6 PM PDT, corresponding to Italian 3:00 am on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. According to the statement, the press conference “will cover several topics of interest to Pokemon fans”. For now, no further information is available on the specific topics covered during the

In the announcement of The Pokemon Company, the appointment with the Pokemon Direct is reiterated, on the occasion of which new information will be shared on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the two chapters of the main series, expected exclusively on Nintendo Switch during the end of 2019. Further news on the Nintendo world will also arrive on the occasion of the upcoming E3 2019.