PS5: AMD Reveals the Radeon RX 5000 GPUs at the Computex, New at E3 2019?

PS5: AMD Reveals the Radeon Rx 5000 Gpus at the Computex, New at e3 2019?

Albeit indirectly, the Taipei Computex that is taking place at this time gives us new details on PlayStation 5. During the event, Lisa Su of AMD officially announced the Radeon “Navi” RX 5000 GPUs in addition to the new 7nm Zen 2 CPUs that will make up part of the architecture of PS5, Xbox Scarlett and probably Google Stadia.

The new AMD Navi chips are based on RDNA architecture , which should guarantee better performance than Vega, with the same clock frequency, while also lowering energy consumption. The new Radeon RX 5000 will also use the PCIex 4.0 standard, introduced with the Ryzen X570 platform, a standard that should guarantee greater bandwidth available.

Information on the new AMD Raden Navi RX 5000 are not yet many and in all probability, we will know more at E3 in Los Angeles, where AMD is planning a conference entitled Next Horizon Gaming, dedicated to gaming hardware. Interesting as Lisa Su has expressly spoken of ” Next Gen PlayStation ” during Computex, reiterating and emphasizing the partnership with Sony in the production of PlayStation 5 … that PS5 is really destined to compete with high-end PCs, as reported by some rumors of the last months? We’ll find out soon …

The Japanese company has reiterated and confirmed that it will not participate in E3 in Los Angeles but the AMD showcase could provide us with important news on the technical specifications of PS5 , partly already revealed by Mark Cerny, pending the official presentation of the new console Next-Gen Sony .