Quake 2 RTX, the Announcement of Nvidia: Will Arrive on June 6 on PC

Quake 2 RTX, the Announcement of NVIDIA: Will Arrive on June 6 on PC

Fans of old school first-person shooters have something to cheer about: NVIDIA announced that Quake 2 RTX, the remastered version of the game, which now includes ray tracing and therefore improves virtually every aspect of the 1997 classic, will be available from 6 June.

Therefore, whoever owns a GeForce RTX or equivalent hardware, will be able to enjoy the game experience of the first 3 levels for free within ten days, while for the owners of the original Quake 2, the entire campaign of the game will be available for free, together to online multiplayer.

Among the improvements made to the video game, in addition to the aforementioned online multiplayer , there is now more realistic lighting, levels that change graphically according to the time of day, improved physics, new dynamic environments, new weapons and textures and much other, which you can find described in detail on the official NVIDIA website .

“We are big fans of the original, and even more fans of technology, so when we had the opportunity to remaster a great classic with all that ray tracing can offer, we didn’t think twice. Quake 2 RTX shows the possibilities of ray tracing and allows a first look at the future of gaming, with realistic real-time lighting effects, as well as shadows and effects,” the company explained.

What do you think? Marked the date on the calendar?

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