Sony CEO: “Video Game Addiction? We Need Countermeasures”

Sony CEO:

As we have told you in recent days, the World Health Organization has decided to include video game addiction, the so-called “game addiction”, in the list of officially recognized diseases, which will obviously have repercussions on the industry.

The president of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, has already spoken about it, who has declared that the situation must be taken seriously into consideration and that it will be necessary to adopt countermeasures. Yoshida expressed himself even before the decision was made, demonstrating that the company is already focused on the issue, although for the moment it is not clear what countermeasures the CEO is specifically talking about.

“We have already implemented an age rating system, and we are also considering measures regarding our own standards,” Yoshida continued, which could refer to the crackdown on sexual content in games, which Sony seems to have adopted recently.

In short, we’ll see what will change in the videogame entertainment industry, as it will obviously not be only Sony that will have to make changes to its modus operandi. Nations, in fact, have until 2022 to gear up and propose treatment and prevention measures regarding gaming disorder.