Ubisoft: An Electronic Arts-Style Game Pass Coming?

Ubisoft: An Electronic Arts-Style Game Pass Coming?

Interesting indiscretion that revealed on the ResetEra forum by some users, who would have identified a placeholder on the Ubisoft site for a subscription to a software house service. A sort of game pass in short, along the lines of those already offered by companies like Electronic Arts.

The image is currently no longer available on the site, but according to what has been leaked it should be a “layered” service, with offers for Premium and Basic users, with different rates and benefits. It must be said that the Ubisoft library would be more than capable of supporting such a subscription service, although we obviously need to see how it will be managed by the software house.

The Origin Access from Electronic Arts, for example, offers early access to new games on the way, a possibility that the French software house does not necessarily decide to include. In any case, for the moment we remain in the field of hypotheses since we are talking about a rumor and there is nothing official about it.

Ubisoft’s upcoming E3 conference could be the right occasion to reveal a possible service of this kind, and since this seems to be the direction in which the market moves, we are not really surprised if these rumors turn out to be true.

What do you think? Would you like a sort of Ubisoft Pass?