Anthem Is Updated to Version 1.2.0: Here Is the Latest Update

Anthem Is Updated to Version 1.2.0: Here Is the Latest Update

After letting slip some important advances through a tweet of EA Access dedicated to Anthem, the BioWare guys conclude the long media silence announcing the launch of the 1.2.0 update of their controversial sci-fi action on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With a message published on the pages of the EA Answers portal, the community manager Jesse Anderson wanted to point out that this update does not introduce the endgame events linked to the Cataclysm but serves to “prepare the ground” for their arrival.

On the other hand, Anthem update 1.2.0 contributes to fleshing out the Specialists’ free roaming experience by adding new Legendary missions and a convenient tool for communicating with other players through emotes that can be recalled with the controller’s directional cross or with pressing a key on your keyboard for those exploring Bastion on a PC.

In addition to the proverbial work of balancing weapons and enemies based on requests from the community, Anthem’s May 29th update adds a system for rapid travel between the Striders scattered around Bastion’s open world map, implements a Public Test Server on PC and integrates in the loading screen the “service information” on the places just explored and on the activities already carried out by one’s alter-ego. The future updates of Anthem, promises Anderson, will arrive between June and July and will finally start the Cataclysm.