DayZ Is Now Available on PS4: Gameplay Trailer, Images and Official Price


As promised last weekend, today Bohemia Interactive has published DayZ on PlayStation 4. The title can now be purchased in digital format on the PS Store at a price of 49.99 euros and requires approximately 8.7 GB of free hard disk space.

For the occasion, the developers have also published the first gameplay trailer of the title, which illustrates the setting, the game mechanics and the map, and a series of screenshots we have collected in the gallery at the bottom of this news.

DayZ is set in Chernarus, a former Soviet country struck by an unknown virus. Infected humans turned into zombies, while survivors developed a highly hostile attitude. The title is set up as a video game sandbox open world online, in which the goal of each of the 60 players on the server is to survive as long as possible, at all costs. There are no suggestions, coordinates, tutorials or help. Without bailouts and extra lives, any mistake can be lethal. Failing means losing everything and starting all over again. DayZ, we remember, is also available for purchase on PC and Xbox One.